Make Your LinkedIn Profile Look Amazing

Applications The web is filled with programs and apps which you can use to your advantage. How you give details to employers is often as important because of the information itself. Using apps such as Behance and SlideShare may be used to show yourself off however you like. SlideShare may be used to upload and […]

How To Make A Hyperlink In A PDF File

Instructions   Open Adobe Acrobat. In the “File” menu, click “Open”. Locate the PDF file you want to add your link to and select it, then click “Open”.  Open your Internet browser and navigate to the page you’d like to use for your hyperlink.  In the “Tools” menu click “Control Panel”.  Select “Link”. This will […]

Avoiding Facebook Scams And Hoaxes

See Who’s Been Viewing Your Profile A common fictitious claim advertised by fake Facebook apps say it will allow you to view who has been looking at your profile or even “Find people who are stalking you”. It’s an easy scam to fall for because the owner of the app attempts to exploit natural human […]

Life Proof Your Gadgets With 8 Tips

The Tough Jacket The very best protection against smashing and dropping your gadgets has always been the ballistic tough jacket. It is made up of three stacked layers. The inner and outer layers are a shock absorber to safeguard against impact on screens and dislodged circuitry. The center layer is made of an impact resistant […]