Overcoming the Fear of Flying

Instructions   It is very important understand the known facts. Getting in your vehicle and driving is a lot more dangerous than heading on a plane trip. Statistically, there exists a 0.00001% chance that the plane you’re in will crash. This places the chances of surviving the next flight at 99.9999815%. Very good odds.   […]

How To Save Money Travelling In Europe

Instructions   Step 1 Travel light. Don’t pack a lot of unnecessary stuff. Although trans-Atlantic flights are constantly decreasing their weight limits, 50 pounds should be plenty for a trip. Remember that when traveling around Europe, you’ll often be on buses, taxis, planes, and trains. Some of these transportation routes will impose a weight limit […]

How To Maximize A Car’s Fuel Mileage

Instructions   Proper maintainence of your vehicle will prevent basic problems from happening such as causing your car to use 4% more fuel than it would otherwise. More major issues can have a much more dramatic effect. If your oxygen sensor (the component designed to maintain your engine operating efficiently) is faulty, your mileage can […]