How To Keep Your Fish Fresh On A Boat



  1. Ice, ice and much more ice. The common guideline for the quantity of ice will be 4 lbs of ice for each and every 2 lbs of fish you’re keeping. Warmth creates bacteria, which in turn causes seafood to spoil at an alarming rate so it’s very important you keep them at a very low temperature. Store your catch in ice as soon as you have caught it.
  2. Having two containers is highly recommended. One container for storing your seafood covered in ice, another for new ice to use once you catch more seafood or to replace the ice that has melted.
  3. It’s a good idea to utilize an equal level of water and ice in the seafood container. Your catch must be completely protected in ice so that it remains fresh. Don’t let the fish contact and maintain them evenly spaced from one another.
  4. Stress caused to the fish as it dies will have a negative effect later on. Kill the fish rapidly and efficiently. If you’re not gutting it immediately, a firm hit simply behind the eye or slitting the throat are great methods for inducing an instant death.
  5. Continually add new ice to the seafood through the entire trip to get them to as cold as you possibly can. When you go back home, clear and refrigerate the seafood as soon as possible.

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