How To Save Money Eating On A Road Trip

Step 1

Visit an all-you-can-eat buffet. From Chinese diners to Pizza Hut, buffets are always a great way to save some money. At dining places where you purchase by single dishes, it is possible to pay a lot and still be hungry. Many buffets range between around $5-$15 to eat, that is a great deal for a filling meal. Granted the food is probably not the best quality available, but when you’re on a spending budget you will find it really hard to argue with the amount of money you’ve saved after you’ve stuffed yourself full!


Step 2

Eat fast food. This is not the healthiest choice and shouldn’t be eaten each day, nevertheless, you can’t argue with the price. You can always find something on the menu; like the breakfast yogurt parfait from McDonalds, which are fairly healthy and priced under a dollar. Make sure to browse the whole menu to find the salads or other healthful options. You’re never too far from the fast food restaurant so look out.


Step 3

Buy dry & canned meals. The least expensive way of eating is to cooking for yourself. By stocking up pasta, cereal and canned food items, you can use your kitchen in your motel/hotel to prepare your meal and save a lot of money.


Step 4

Meet people. This aspect may appear strange and unrealistic, but meeting individuals and making new friends could possibly be the most rewarding event of a road trip. You can go out to with them to eat or they could even invite you to dinner! Who could argue with fresh friends and free food?


Remember: It’s vital that you form a plan and not overspend unless it’s something you really want to try. Saving cash may be necessary to keep the trip continuing, but it’s also vital that you enjoy yourself. These days when you treat yourself might just make saving money worthwhile.

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