Overcoming the Fear of Flying



  1. It is very important understand the known facts. Getting in your vehicle and driving is a lot more dangerous than heading on a plane trip. Statistically, there exists a 0.00001% chance that the plane you’re in will crash. This places the chances of surviving the next flight at 99.9999815%. Very good odds.


  2. Practice relaxation strategies. There are many breathing exercises, mental exercises and also relaxation tapes and help instructions. Remaining calm if you are on the plane could be half the battle, as soon as you have mastered this you may end up enjoying it!


  3. Fly continuously. If you are booking your tickets, try to get flights without layovers to get right to your destination and complete the journey sooner. Based on statistics, most crashes occur on take-off or landing, therefore you can put your brain at ease if you only take-off and land a single time.


  4. Medicate. There are many medications out there that you can buy over the counter that will help reduce your fear. They are able to calm you down and assist you with sleeping so you can skip the whole journey! You could be prescribed calming medications such as Xanax that can help with the journey, but medication like this should be considered a final resort always.


  5. Go for it. You can only conquer your fear if you confront it. Don’t avoid flying, exercise the previous steps on the flight and do that as much as it is possible. It may look far away, but you’ll be surprised at the feeling of self gratification when you overcome your fear and this could have positive effects in all respects of your life.


Remember: You won’t end up being cured after your first airline flight. Take it slow with a shorter and more manageable flight and as soon as you build confidence move ahead to longer ones. It requires a different period of time for everyone to overcome their fear but with these points, you’ll soon become accustomed to flying.

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