9 Tips For Clearing Your Debt

1. Sell old stuff A great and simple way to accumulate a bit of spare cash is to get rid of unused belongings. Gather all of those old and dusty lawnmowers, ornaments, and any other junk lying around to pawn at a garage sale. This is just one of the ways to sell old items. […]

How To Maximize A Car’s Fuel Mileage

Instructions   Proper maintainence of your vehicle will prevent basic problems from happening such as causing your car to use 4% more fuel than it would otherwise. More major issues can have a much more dramatic effect. If your oxygen sensor (the component designed to maintain your engine operating efficiently) is faulty, your mileage can […]

How To Choose A Pair of Running Shoes

Proper Fit Acquiring the proper sizing is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying running shoes. Try a shoe that’s half a size bigger than what you usually buy and be sure to wear your choice of running socks when doing so. There should be no discomfort during all types of […]

How To Cook A Delicious Pork Roast

The Cut of the Meat One of the quintessential factors to consider when planning and preparing a pork roast is it’s cut. When it comes to pork, the best cuts are usually the rack, loin, leg, shoulder. Get really friendly with your butcher and ensure that he gives you only the best cuts of meat […]

How To Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half

Instructions   Step 1 Make an organized list of ingredients that you buy on a weekly basis to make your primary meals. This could take a couple weeks so you may select the items you will be using the most to prepare the types of meals your family enjoys. This should include a well-rounded portion […]

Easy Salad Recipes for Kids to Make

Keeping your child busy around the kitchen is great for multiple reasons. It will let you bond with them as well as keeping them from getting into trouble elsewhere while reducing the amount of time it takes to prepare tonight’s meal. It’s these moments that they will remember and form everlasting memories, so it’s one […]